Education is essential for everyone and our counsellors are well aware of this. Our recruitment counsellors share a friendly relation with the students while guiding them about the most suitable courses and universities in Australia. We ensure to provide our students with useful information about the courses, universities and health insurance coverage that would help the students continue with their education in Australia.


Our counsellors have years of experience and knowledge in dealing with students aspiring to study abroad. We interact with the students on a personal level to understand about their aptitude towards certain subjects and courses. Our counsellors also aspire to study about the interest of the students in either specializing in research oriented course or in dealing with vocational courses. Only after this stage, our counsellors provide the students with a suitable guidance regarding the courses and universities best suited for them. We take the extra pain to research and find out about the universities that provide the courses suitable for the students who approach us about studying abroad.


Our counsellors interact with the students to find out about the kind of health problems they have as this helps us to provide them with the right kind of Overseas Health Cover Insurance. This is primarily because the Immigration Department of Australia needs the immigrants to maintain the Health Cover Insurance for as long as they stay in Australia. Our counsellors not only guide you about the right type of Health Cover Insurance you need to take while in Australia, they also make sure to provide the details required to gain the insurance cover without any hassle.


If you are already in a course and you are not finding it interesting enough, don’t be upset as we are there to help you make the right choice. Our counsellors are highly trained and proficient in understanding the student’s psychology and helping them out accordingly. If a student is fickle minded and cannot decide on his own, our counsellors ensure to help him realize his interests and select a subject and course accordingly.


Once your education is over, it is necessary to put your knowledge and understanding into the application. However, the present generation finds it quite tough to decide on one career option, probably due to the availability of a variety of career options at their disposal. Our education consultants have professional expertise in studying and analysing the basic mind set and aptitude of the students who have either completed their course and are aspiring to enter into the professional world or are primarily interested in vocational courses, but cannot decide the right course for themselves.

Being one of the leading international student recruitment agencies, Asia Pacific Education Consultants Pty Ltd specializes in providing suitable solutions for the students coming from different colleges, universities, academic fields and cultural backgrounds as well. Come and be a part of the Australian culture as we guide you regarding higher education and career in Australia.